Cloud and Network Services

Application Maintenance and Support

With NovusTech Services's professional application and maintenance support services your company will:

  • Reduce the cost for technical support;
  • Free your own IT resources to focus on the company’s core competencies;
  • Improve service response and resolution time;
  • Achieve smoother introduction of new products releases and upgrades to end users.

Types of Models of Application Maintenance and Support

  • Time and Material (T&M):
    This type of technical support is suitable for ongoing support of the existing application or system and minor features development. According to the T&M model, you will receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the work actually done.
  • Bucket Hours
    This type of support is also suitable for ongoing support of the existing application or system and minor features development. The difference from the previous type is that you pay in advance for a bunch of hours at a reduced hourly rate.

Enterprise System Management Services

Novus Tech Services provides Enterprise System Management services that aid organizations in managing complex tasks of defining, developing and delivering technology-enabled business solutions. Our Enterprise System Management services help you to reduce costs, minimize errors and improve operations.

At NovusTech Services, we provide:

  • Projects, Consulting and Integration Services
  • Infrastructure upgrades and migration
  • Support and consulting
  • Monitoring services

We cover software for IT operations management, performance monitoring, and event management for all operating environments, including Windows, Unix, Linux.

Networking Management Services

Novus Tech Services's Networking Management helps make your internal network and internet access secured and reliable. We provide following services:

  • Security Assessments
  • Failover Network Solutions design, development and implementation
  • Performance Engineering
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • PRapid prototyping
  • High fidelity prototyping and detailed prototyping
  • Documenting concepts and design ideas using wireframes
  • Clickable Prototype Creation

We overcome following challenges

  • Failover Network Configuration
  • Failover Internet Access Configuration
  • Failover Remote Access Configuration
  • Unauthorized Network Access protection