Mobile Applications

User Experience Design

Novus Tech Services's process is collaborative, interactive, fun and energetic. Work with us, and you’ll quickly get visual designs, prototypes and animations that bring you ideas to life. We do more than just "see" your app with static wireframes and screens - we "FEEL" it. with rapid visual prototyping.

  • Discovery: We understand your business needs to discover your target audience, their behaviors, your objectives, and the barriers for success. Our design discovery process is part brainstorm, part innovation, part refinement and part strategy between your company and our team
  • User Interface Design: Designing interactive prototypes help us build a strong foundation to scope out the app’s functionality, consider its main features and understand the relationships between component to create an engaging user experience
  • Rapid Prototyping:Once we have the fundamentals down, we start to build structures, connect screens, animations, responsive buttons — the ingredients for mobile app desig
  • Visual Design & Branding: At the same time we're creating your UI design, we're also building your app's visual brand. We tackle your user’s need and wants, and tap into the pulse of your target audience

Mobile Technology Consulting

At Novus Tech Services provides expert guidance and advice on mobile solutions across different platforms. Customers often turn to us to create demo applications, research the application devices compatibility and scalability, and improve features or usability of their current application.

  • Feasibility Studies: We analyze and assess the viability of new product, assess devices compatibility of the product and suggest suitable platforms for implementation
  • Proof-of-Concept: We create simple product prototype to ensure that the product features can be implemented. It can also be a great start to show your business concept to investors/customers/business partners
  • Technical and Functional Design:We capture your requirements and create a blueprint for development team
  • Design and Code Review: We assess and provide our independent opinion on the current solution progress/code/architecture
  • System Architecture: We design flexible and scalable product architecture

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Novus Tech Services exploits the capabilities of Xamarin and Cordova to the full and create applications that work on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with a near-original functionality and preserved design allure. Our cross-platform application development presents:

  • High Performance
  • Close-to-Native User Experience (with the help of Xamarin)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Development Costs

  • Xamarin Development

    Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool capable of recreating the very native feel of any application type. Powered by .NET, this framework produces not a hybrid, but a native code that gives applications an easy access to the specific hardware and platform-dependent features, thus bringing user experience as close to that of a native app as possible.

    Cordova/Phonegap Development

    Open-source Cordova, also previously referred to as PhoneGap, presents a great opportunity for rapid and cost-efficient cross platform development. The main advantage of using Cordova is the ability to quickly deliver to the market a simple yet very efficient application.

Xamarin Development

The way Xamarin harnesses the peculiarities of different platforms is truly revolutional. C#, which is compiled to native code by default, allows developers to create a cross-platform application with absolutely no limitations and easy access to all the platform-specific hardware.


what you get as a result is a cozy and intuitive one-size-fits-all design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

– your cross-platform application will have truly native interfaces, separately developed by our Xamarin experts.